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Tuscany Essential Edition - Viticulture Expansion - Blue Herring Games - 1

Tuscany Essential Edition - Viticulture Expansion

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 About Tuscany Essential Edition...

Tuscany Essential Edition is an expansion for Viticulture, the acclaimed strategic winemaking game. Viticulture is required to play.

Every Viticulture fan will love the Tuscany Essential Edition. It provides an extended '4 seasons' board that allows worker actions to be selected across the year. It allows new structures to be built in your vineyard. And special worker meeples (2 randomly selected each game) with unique skills will change your game strategy every time you play! The rules for Tuscany Essential Edition can be downloaded here.

"Do I need Tuscany Essential Edition?"

If you mean, 'will Tuscany Essential Edition give my life extra meaning and enjoyment?' I would say absolutely!

If you just wanted to know whether it is necessary if you have other Viticulture games, the following table may help:

Viticulture owner

Tuscany Essential Edition substantially expands the original game that you love - a great buy! Also consider purchasing the Viticulture Essential Edition upgrade pack to give you even more expansion modules (and a few typo corrections).

Viticulture Essential Edition owner

Let's be honest, the Essential Edition of Tuscany was almost designed with you in mind. The perfect companion box.

Original Tuscany owner

If you already have Tuscany, the Essential Edition won't add anything to your collection. You already have the expansions contained in Essential Edition, plus some extras that may never be released again. You are already the coolest kid on the board-game playing block.

Limited copies of the original Tuscany are still available for sale at Blue Herring Games, but these are becoming increasingly harder to find and are not due to be reprinted.

Moor Visitors Owner

Moor Visitors is not included in Tuscany Essential Edition. You can happily have both in your collection with no overlap. (A couple of Moor Visitors packs are still available for sale at Blue Herring Games)- sorry, all gone!


 The absolute completionists amongst us will be looking to purchase Viticulture, the original Tuscany and Moor Visitors. For everyone else, Viticulture Essential Edition and Tuscany Essential Edition will form the standard, delightfully distilled yet massively repayable, Viticulture experience.


Tuscany Essential Edition contains 3 modular expansions to Viticulture:

  • 1 extended board and 36 wooden stars
  • 6 structure mats and 36 structure cards
  • 11 special worker cards and 2 special worker meeples per player
  • 9 Bonus Visitor cards, guaranteed for pre-order customers

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