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Thebes - Blue Herring Games

Thebes *SALE*

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 Publisher's description 

In Thebes you and your fellow players are archaeologists, traveling through Europe and acquiring knowledge about five ancient civilizations - Crete, Greece, Egypt, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Players then utilize this knowledge, gather equipment and enlist the aid of their assistants to excavate historical sites in the regions of these civilizations. Presenting the artifacts in dazzling exhibitions and sharing your newly acquired knowledge and impressing your colleagues at symposiums and congresses are also important.

Time is of the essence in Thebes. Each action a player performs takes a certain amount of time - whether it's gathering knowledge, acquiring helpful equipment, hiring qualified assistants or excavating the ancient sites.

The innovative time track serves as a turn indicator and game timer: Along the outside edge of the board there is a track of 52 spaces, each representing a week of the year. Players take turns based on who is furthest back in time. Thus it is possible for one player to take several turns in a row as long as his time marker is last. And while extensive time consuming digs offer the best chance to find precious artifacts, there is a trade off, you may miss the chance to host exhibitions, partake in congresses or other opportunities in your months of absence.

For each excavation site there is a bag filled with tiles representing the random nature of an archaeological dig: some tiles are prized artifacts and others worthless dirt. The archaeologist's knowledge of the respective civilization, his equipment, assistants and the time spent excavating determine how often a player gets to draw from the bag.

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