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Haggis Second Edition

Haggis Second Edition

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Publisher's description

Haggis is a card game for 2-3 in the same family as Tichu. It borrows and recombines elements from its parent game (card combinations, bombs, scoring for cards in hand, scoring for cards collected in tricks) and mixes in equally distributed wild cards and betting that you'll be the first to empty your hand of cards.  Sean Ross designed Haggis over a number of years, extensively testing over thousands of hands to create a very engaging and balanced game. Gary Simpson has done a masterful job on the original artwork, that has to be seen to be appreciated.

The 2nd Edition of Haggis features the highest quality materials you have come to expect from the top "Euro" game publishers.  From the thick, linen finished cards, a practical formed insert and thick box, we have choosen the best manufacturers available to produce this classic game.

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