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Formula D - Blue Herring Games

Formula D

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Publisher's description

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough."

Formula D is a high-stakes game of speed and danger for two to ten racers. Every game is a race between you and the other drivers that begins as soon as you shift into first gear on the starting line. Every turn you must choose how fast you will push your car, while you navigate the corners and chicanes that could send you skidding into defeat. Whether you race along the beaches of Monaco in sleek Formula 1 cars or take your place in a dangerous, high-speed street race, you’ll need all your skill and luck to cross the finish line first in a game of Formula D.

On the Streets

Formula 1 races on the Monaco circuit are thrillingly fast, but you may crave a racing experience with fewer rules. On the reverse side of the Formula D board, you’ll find a new track allowing you to engage in road races through the heart of a city. Here, the personalities of the drivers dominate the performance.

Each road race driver has a unique setup for his car and a unique special ability that can be used to gain the advantage. Diane Montfort is renowned for her quick reflexes, and always moves first if she and another driver are tied for position. Jack Owens is an expert at skidding, allowing him to adjust his movement inside the corners, and Derek Manson is an aggressive driver who’s more than willing to crash into other cars to gain the advantage. With ten unique drivers, every road race becomes a battle of wits and skills.

Road races are even more dangerous than the Formula 1 circuit. Some portions of the road are in disrepair, potentially forcing drivers to take damage as they swerve to avoid debris. Illicit nitro-boosted fuel can give you an edge for a single turn, so you’ll have to use it wisely. Angry bystanders may even take potshots at your car as you speed down the streets! In a road race, there are no real rules, and only the fastest and most ruthless driver walks away with the victory.

Speed Matters Most

From your car’s layout and construction to the race itself, Formula D puts you in the driver’s seat of a Formula 1 circuit or a wild street race. Your skill, your luck, your reflexes, and your car are all that you can rely on. Strap in and prepare for the race of a lifetime!



  • Rules
  • One double-sided game board with two circuits
  • Twenty painted cars
  • 70 plastic parts
  • Seven dice
  • Ten dashboards

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