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Caverna Cave vs Cave

Caverna Cave vs Cave

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A two-player version of Use Rosenberg's classic Caverna

Publisher's description

With only two pairs of helping hands, you stand at the entrance to your new cave dwelling. There is much work to do and no time to lose! The nearby tribe is doing better than you and this cannot stand. Carve your way deeper into the mountain and create a cozy cave. Gather grain, flax, and building materials. Mine for precious metals and become wealthier than you, or your rivals, ever dreamed!

In the two-player game Caverna: Cave vs. Cave, each player starts the game with only two dwarves and a small excavation in the side of a mountain. Over the course of eight rounds, they'll double their workforce, open up new living space in the mountain, construct new buildings and rooms in which to live, and dig for precious metals.

After eight rounds, players tally their points for buildings constructed and gold collected to see who wins!

1-2 players | Ages 12+ | 20-40 mins


  • 1 Action board
  • 12 Action tiles
  • 24 Room tiles
  • 12 Goods Indicators
  • 1 Additional Cavern tile
  • 7 Walls4 Action markers
  • 1 Starting Player tile
  • 2 Cave boards
  • 1 Rulebook

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