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About Blue Herring Games

Bringing together the best of online convenience and personal service

Established in late 2015, Blue Herring Games is an Australian online retailer of quality board games. Unlike overseas online stores (possibly even some of those using 'oz' in their title?) we ship from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

When you buy from us you can be guaranteed a good price, fast shipping and a game that arrives in perfect condition. (Or at least a game that 'leaves' in perfect condition, with a pledge to fix the issue if it does indeed arrive a bit misshapen from its adventures in the delivery wilds). We know it is hard buying sight-unseen, but we won't let games with a dint or ding leave the store - these go straight to our Clearance page.

We are so confident in the games that we stock that as well as a standard 100%, 30-day refund on unopened games, we even offer a "Buyer's remorse" guarantee on opened games that just didn't work for you or your gaming group. It is not going to be full price on something that is used - that would be crazy - but we can offer 60% back if it is opened but otherwise in perfect condition. For example, if that $50 game you bought just didn't live up to the hype, get it back to us and we will refund $30. Write it off as a board game rental! (Conditions on the Refunds page).

We hope to provide - game by game, review by review - the best that this hobby has to offer. This can't be done in a vacuum. Let us know what you are interested in, send us your questions about games profiled here, and get in touch about ordering or reviewing new games. We'd love to hear from you!

Steve @ Blue Herring Games