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Catan | Cities and Knights

Catan | Cities and Knights

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Turns the friendly isle of Catan into a more tactical and complex game of development and defence!

* Note - This is an expansion.
The Catan base game is required to play *

 Publisher's description:

Wild barbarians, attracted by the wealth of Catan, sail toward the island's shores. There is still enough time to prepare for confronting the intruders, though. In order to successfully defend Catan, the knights of all players combined must be at least as strong as the barbarian army.

Knights are no longer the cards from the base game of Catan. Instead, they are represented by wooden tokens that are placed on free intersections. If the knights of all players combined have enough strength points to defeat the barbarian army, the danger is averted for the moment. However, if the Catanian knights are too weak, a city will be raided and downgraded to a settlement. This unfortunate event always affects the player who contributed the least amount of knight strength.

Besides defending Catan, knights can also be used to chase away the robber or to displace another player’s knight. When the players are not busy defending Catan, they are competing for the metropolises, which represent two additional victory points. In order to establish a metropolis, the players first need to improve their cities. The construction of city buildings, such as the Library, Market, Abbey, or Town Hall, is indicated on development flip-charts. The players pay for city improvements with commodities such as coins, cloth, or books.

How do you get commodities? Instead of two resources, cities adjacent to mountains, pasture, and forest hexes produce only one resource but also one commodity derived from the respective type of resource. With increasing city improvements, the odds become more favorable for players to obtain new progress cards. Cards such as “Mining,” “Irrigation,” or “Building Crane” allow for faster settlement activities. Cards such as “Merchant,” “Merchant Fleet,” “Trade Monopoly,” or “Resource Monopoly” create advantages with regards to trade. On the other hand, one can always irritate stronger players with cards such as the “Deserter,” “Spy,” or “Diplomat.”

Get used to a tougher life on Catan – and a longer but also more exciting game. The first player to reach 13 victory points is the winner.

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