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Concept - Blue Herring Games - 1


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Publisher's description

You’re sitting at home on a casual weekend afternoon, watching movies with your friends and your dog. Suddenly, you see a massive, living, breathing, real dinosaur stroll right past the window. Naturally, you rush over to watch the dinosaur and try to get your friends to come witness it as well. But for some horrible and unfair reason, your ability to speak is suddenly gone! You must explain the dinosaur without using words! Somehow you manage to convey that there’s something like the dog, but not like the dog, and it's huge and green and outside. Your friends abruptly grasp what’s going on and join you in watching the dinosaur walk towards the horizon, sharing with you this wonderful, uncanny moment. This is basically what it's like to play Concept.

In the game Concept, you and your opponents use the icons on the game board to convey words or phrases to each other without using sound or speech. Each player takes a turn conveying a concept as the others guess at it. One point is awarded for conveying a word or phrase clearly; two points for guessing one correctly, and if you want, you can grant more points for guessing more difficult ideas. Concept is best played with a minimum of four players, and players can compete as individuals or in teams. The game can end once a player or team collects twelve lightbulb-shaped victory points, or you can keep going as long as you like.


  • One game board with universal icons
  • Five different-colored sets of plastic pawns and cubes
  • 110 concept cards
  • Lightbulb-shaped victory point tokens
  • Two player aids
  • One rulebook
  • One storage bowl

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