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Citadels Deluxe - Blue Herring Games

Citadels Deluxe

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Publisher's description 

What would you have in the fantastical city of your dreams? Castles and cathedrals? An open-air market, a public park, and a library full of ancient tomes? A fortress to stand guard over the people, barracks to house soldiers, and prisons to keep criminals? Do you enforce order, let your people luxuriate in opulence, or turn your attention to commerce and trade? Moreover, who would you turn to in order to realize your dream? Would you enlist the help of the clergy or the king? A merchant? What about a thief, or a warlord? 

Choose your allies and build that magnificent city in Bruno Faidutti’s Citadels. First published in 2000, Citadels has since become one of the most popular card games of the past twenty years. Now, Windrider Games has released a new version of Citadels that has been revised and expanded by the original designer and the Windrider team. With fresh art, new characters, and new districts, the Windrider edition of Citadels opens up a vast, visually stunning kingdom of possibilities for you to explore.

Citadels was first published in 2000, with eight characters and fourteen unique districts. In 2004, the Dark City expansion introduced more characters and unique districts which were soon included in all printings of the game. The Windrider edition of Citadels now contains a total of twenty-seven characters and thirty unique districts, all developed and refined by Faidutti and the Windrider team. Such rich diversity enables you to customize your game by selecting which characters and unique districts you wish to play with, resulting in literally thousands of possible combinations. Whether you prefer to focus on building districts or outwitting your opponents, whether you seek a family-friendly after-dinner game or a few rounds of intense, no-holds-barred competition against your friends, you will find it in the vast kingdom of Citadels. 

Age 10+ | 2-8 players | 30-60 mins


  • 27 character cards
  • 84 district cards
  • 6 reference cards
  • 30 gold plastic pieces
  • 32 tokens
  • One plastic crown
  • One rulebook

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