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Aaaaand.... we're back!

Thanks for all the support messages received while our owner popped off to do some aid work with ShelterBox overseas. We now turn our attentions back to all things Gamery and Christmassy.

One title we are a little excited about is Brass Birmingham, the sequel to the classic Brass. A few copies will be made available over the weekend but these are expected to dash out the door.

And one game that was clearly (...42...) years ahead of its time is Cosmic Encounter - now available in a 42nd Anniversary Edition. (The standard edition is also available at a substantial discount).

On the birthday front, there will never be quite as funky a box as the Pandemic 10th Anniversary edition. A steel med kit pack, ready to be mounted on your game wall!

Get in contact if you are looking for any specific titles. We have one more shipment of games to come in next week which could be boosted to include some last minute special orders.


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