STORE CLOSED UNTIL JUNE 10. See homepage for details
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Store Hiatus 
Blue Herring games is a family owned and run store. I'll be away until 10 June with ShelterBox: an international disaster relief charity. We have decided to pause orders and sales during this time. The store will reopen shortly afterwards.
For more information about ShelterBox head on over to this site:
Feel free to browse the store in the meantime, and enjoy all things board gamery over the next month!
Steve @ Blue Herring

      Blue Herring Games

      ~ because life's too short for another game of Monopoly ~

      Blue Herring Games celebrates modern board gaming with a range of reviews, player guides, products, and general musings.

      Our focus is on increasing the exposure of quality board games to those seeking a new diversion.

      • No pop culture toys ('bobble heads' confuse and slightly scare us)
      • No video games (we never completed 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood' on the Commodore 64, and perhaps never really recovered)
      • No Monopoly (surely everyone already has a copy?)
      • Just quality board games!
      Through board games, we have a chance to sit down with family and friends, relax, talk, have a drink, occasionally curse, frequently laugh. It is hopefully a fun experience. It is always a social experience. Enjoy!