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Latest News:

  • The Catan universe continues to expand... Now on the shelves: Catan Travel Edition, Catan Junior, Catan Family Edition, Catan Explorers and Pirates (1 copy only!), and restocks of the Catan 5&6 player expansion.
  • The Ticket to Ride shelf is also bulging. Ticket to Ride 'First Journey' (the junior edition), Ticket to Ride United Kingdom and Ticket to Ride Europe restocks have all made an appearance.
  • Other restocks include King of Tokyo (new edition) and Game of Thrones.
  • The all conquering Kickstarter game of Scythe is now available for pre-order. Limited stock available for just $138 (normally $170!) as a special pre-order price. Shipping start of November.

Blue Herring Games

~ because life's too short for another game of Monopoly ~

Blue Herring Games celebrates modern board gaming with a range of reviews, player guides, products, and general musings.

Our focus is on increasing the exposure of quality board games to those seeking a new diversion.

  • No pop culture toys ('bobble heads' confuse and slightly scare us)
  • No video games (we never completed 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood' on the Commodore 64, and perhaps never really recovered)
  • No Monopoly (surely everyone already has a copy?)
  • Just quality board games!
Through board games, we have a chance to sit down with family and friends, relax, talk, have a drink, occasionally curse, frequently laugh. It is hopefully a fun experience. It is always a social experience. Enjoy!


 * September Specials *

A classic of the board game movement is available this month, while stocks last of course. Thebes, the archaeology game! This is still one of the top 50 family board games of all time. You literally get to dig for artefacts (and when I say literally, I mean you will rummage for some cardboard pieces. But those cardboard pieces include dirt cardboard pieces. So... sort of... literally!). And the novel turn order mechanism is fantastic.

Grab a copy now as an early Christmas present.

$47.00 (reduced from $80), while stocks last