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    Blue Herring Games

    ~ because life's too short for another game of Monopoly ~

    Blue Herring Games celebrates modern board gaming with a range of reviews, player guides, products, and general musings.

    Our focus is on increasing the exposure of quality board games to those seeking a new diversion.

    • No pop culture toys ('bobble heads' confuse and slightly scare us)
    • No video games (we never completed 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood' on the Commodore 64, and perhaps never really recovered)
    • No Monopoly (surely everyone already has a copy?)
    • Just quality board games!
    Through board games, we have a chance to sit down with family and friends, relax, talk, have a drink, occasionally curse, frequently laugh. It is hopefully a fun experience. It is always a social experience. Enjoy!

     * March Special *

    I'm not sure if there is any game that can really prepare us for a post-Trump world, but Grifters could be a good start! Grifters: taking down a corrupt governments and malicious corporations one card at a time!


    Grifters game box

    Sale price $32 - while stocks last