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From tile laying artisans to Nordic fishing villages, we have pretty much got every corner of the hobby covered this month! But mainly the two fishy-tiley ones...

  • AZUL is getting rave reviews throughout the board gaming world. Game of the Year perhaps? You be the judge

AZUL at blue herring

  • Nusfjord! Agricola with fish? While it IS another Use Rosenberg game with a worker placement element, this one is perhaps a little more streamlined and forgiving (although we at Blue Herring do have a bias for all fish related titles...). Check out this delightful and independent review from the Opinionated Gamers. Or just buy it...

Nusfjord at Blue Herring


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      Blue Herring Games celebrates modern board gaming with a range of reviews, player guides, products, and general musings.

      Our focus is on increasing the exposure of quality board games to those seeking a new diversion.

      • No pop culture toys ('bobble heads' confuse and slightly scare us)
      • No video games (we never completed 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood' on the Commodore 64, and perhaps never really recovered)
      • No Monopoly (surely everyone already has a copy?)
      • Just quality board games!
      Through board games, we have a chance to sit down with family and friends, relax, talk, have a drink, occasionally curse, frequently laugh. It is hopefully a fun experience. It is always a social experience. Enjoy!

       * Big ticket sale items *

      The Dragon and Flagon : a bar-room brawl game of mayhem and madness.

      Price $65


      'Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor' reimplements the acclaimed social-deduction game 'Good Cop Bad Cop'. We have a sale on both the Standard ($20) and limited release Deluxe ($40) editions. Gameplay is the same in either version, but deluxe version comes with player mats and 4" plastic ray guns! (Note: The Deluxe version is a special import, and will not be available once this batch runs out...)


      As a Melbourne-based board game company we are legally obligated to carry at least one tram game at any time. (And forbidden to carry any games from the vast Sydney Harbour Bridge range of titles. Trust us, it's a thing). Trambahn ($20) is a nifty 2-player card game from Mayfair. It is chock-full of decisions about whether to play cards as stations, passengers or money. Kind of like 'Lost Cities', with an extra level of card management. And much more accessible than any Harbour Bridge game...


      Price $20